Mobile Laser Tag Riverside California New Age Laser Tag – New Age Gaming Xperience brings the Ultimate Mobile Video Gaming experience right to your front door! It’s the best Birthday Party Idea in Redlands, Riverside, and Corona! A Mobile Video Game Party is also a great idea for Church Events, School Events, Fundraising and Festivals!

The Most Advanced Laser Tag now Comes to YOU!

Kids playing laser tag with new age gaming

We have all played laser tag before, the awesome adrenaline rush of being on the battle field in an all out assault on the opposing team, rushing across the battle field, hiding behind obstacles and rushing the other teams bunker. But laser tag is flawed, until now. No longer do you need to be in close range of your target, no more clunky vests, no more running around the same old battle field in a dark room. Introducing the most advanced laser tag you will ever play, The New Age Gaming Mobile Laser Tag Xperience, from the same great family owned and operated business that brought you the best Game Truck in the Inland Empire.

 Our Mobile Laser Tag parties feature the industry leading Battle Rifle Pro. These cutting edge laser rifles are unlike anything that you have ever used before, the lightweight yet realistic Battle Rifle Pro features realistic features like a reloading button, adjustable magazine sizes, adjustable modes like Sniper Rifle, Machine Gun, SBR and much more! Rather than wearing an oversized vest these rifles use small headbands to count shots, your rifle also displays your health, ammunition left and many other customizable features.

Best of all, we come to you! New Age Gaming makes throwing a birthday party, corporate event, non-profit event or backyard barbecue easy! When you click the Book Now button below you will be able to select the date, time and specifics of your party then one of the members of our team will reach out to you and confirm the details, then you sit back and relax until it’s time for battle! The New Age Gaming Mobile Laser Tag Xperience will be a party you never forget!

Weapon Types

The Battle Rifle Pro comes with 8 default weapon types. The Battle Rifle, Burst Rifle, SMG, Heavy Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Sniper, Battle Cannon, and Assault Laser

Dual Weilding Rifles

Switch your weapon on the fly! Want to carry both a sniper rifle and an assault laser? Well you can! Our advanced Laser Tag system allows you to switch weapons on the fly!

Realistic Feel

Our Laser Tag rifles are 22.5″ long and only 2.4lbs making them friendly for all ages and realistic enough to feel like you’re really in the battle.  They feature vibrations that match your shots, and each time you get shot, a high-quality loud speaker plays realistic sound effects while you are firing rounds!

Long Rang Accuracy!

The New Age Gaming battle system has a 600+ Foot range! That means you can sit back and snipe your friends while they wonder where you are hiding!

New Age Gaming Mobile Laser Tag Rifle
Mobile Laser Tag Utility Box

The Utility Box

Respawn Station

With the Utility box you can quickly respawn just like in a video game! When you lose your life in battle, return to your teams utility box and in no time you will be back in the game, battling next to your team!

Medic Box

The medic box is your lifeline in the middle of a battle! When you health is running low sneak to the nearest Utility Box and refill your health!

Weapons Box

With the weapons box, you can quickly and easily change weapons in the middle of a battle, if you started with a machine gun, but you would like to switch to sniping, you can do that, on the fly in the middle of a battle.

Sensor Box

This is great for special characters and game types! If you want to play Capture The Flag, the utility box is perfect for the game.

Game Types



The all out Melee! Teams of players running throughout the battlefield shooting each other and scoring as many points for their team as possible.

King Of The Hill

Players defend a specific area in the battlefield while the other team trys to storm the hill and take control! The team in control longest is the winner!

Capture The Flag

Retrieve flags from the enemies box and return back to your box to score points!

Mobile Laser Tag is perfect for

Birthday Parties

Since our Mobile Laser Tag is fun and safe for all ages (6yr+) it makes the perfect Birthday Party idea for your kids!

Corporate and Team Building Events

Department vs. Department Battle! Get your team out of the office and having fun with Mobile Laser Tag!

Non Profit Events

Mobile Laser tag is perfect for your next fundraiser or charity event! Create a fun and interactive experience for your guests.

Advanced Battle Rifles

Revolutionary Utility Boxes

Bunkers for tactical positioning

Mobile Laser Tag Packages


special effects add on package:

When you book a laser tag package, consider adding on our special effects package to make the party even better. The package includes Laser Lights, 2 Fog Machines and an RGB Sound System with bluetooth for streaming your own music! Available for $75. 

Laser Tag and Game Truck Combo Packages

Why choose when you can have both! Our exciting Game Truck matched with the BEST Mobile laser tag!

The Block Party

3 Hours: 1 Game Truck, Laser Tag, Hungry Hippos
  • 1 State of the art Game Truck.
  • Multiple VR game consoles (Playstation, Xbox, Wii)
  • Nintendo Switch handheld consoles.
  • Mobile internet hotspot for online gaming.
  • Our entire game library including battle royale games.
  • 2 Racing simulators with force feedback steering controls.
  • Advanced Laser Tag system with multiple game modes.
  • 12 Player laser tag
  • 8+ Bunkers and obstacles
  • 8 Person Hungry Hippo Inflatable

The Gamers Bash

A 3.5hr Game Truck & Laser Tag Party
  • Game for 2 Hours and play Laser Tag for 1.5 hours.
  • Multiple VR game consoles (Playstation, Xbox, Wii)
  • Nintendo Switch handheld consoles.
  • Mobile internet hotspot for online gaming.
  • Our entire game library including battle royale games.
  • 2 Racing simulators with force feedback steering controls.
  • Advanced Laser Tag system with multiple game modes.
  • 12 Player laser tag
  • 8+ Bunkers and obstacles
  • Special effects package with a fog machine and bluetooth speaker.
  • Laser lights package (For night parties)

How Can I throw a Laser Tag Party?

Our booking process is very simple! Click the Book Now Button in the lower right corner of the screen to start the booking process!

Once you have booked your Lasertag party one of our party coordinators will contact you to confirm the details of your party, after that you can leave the rest up to us!

Are Laser Tag parties safe?

Yes! Our Laser Tag parties are very safe! The battle rifle pro emits a low power laser light that allows it to “shoot” the maximum distance while keeping your kids and family members completely safe.

You will also have our game coaches on site during your party to guide your guests in maintaining a safe game of laser tag.

Are there age limits?

The Battle Rifle Pro is lightweight and easy to use, yet very realistic. They also feature kids mode! We can turn the realistic sound effects off for a more enjoyable experience for little ones, as long as they’re 6 years or older.

Be sure that your child is ready for the most advanced Lasertag experience before booking. 

Where can I host my mobile laser tag party?

Our laser tag parties come to you, much like our cutting edge Game Truck service you can throw a laser tag party wherever is convenient for you!

*Some restrictions may apply, please call before booking.

Do the laser tag rifles work during the day?

Yes. The battle rifle pro is made to work day or night, no longer do you have to be in a hot, dark room to play laser tag.

Our laser tag system is also equipped with lightweight headbands, in the past you had to where a clunky vest while playing laser tag but our system is much better than that.

Can I book the game truck and laser tag parties together?

Absolutely, New Age Gaming offers many Mobile Laser Tag and Mobile Game Theatre packages, and our most popular packages are the combo parties! If you book our Elite Gamers Bash packages you will be able to throw a 2 hour party that allows your guests to play laser tag while the rest of your guests are gaming in the game truck.

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